My Picks for top 5 Distinctive Voices

I was driving in the car this morning listening to Placebo, who are actually one of my favourite bands. I got to thinking about how distinctive Brian Molko’s voice is, and thought maybe I should make a list containing my top 5 choices for distinctive voices.

I decided not to search the internet for ‘which singers have the most distinctive voices’ because I wanted to create my own list of singers who stick out to me as being distinctive in sound from around my time.

This is in no particular order at all.

Brian Molko / Placebo

Marilyn Manson

Anthony Kiedis / Red Hot Chili Peppers

Maynard James Keenan / Tool & A Perfect Circle

Tool in Concert at the AT&T Center - May 21, 2007

Caleb Followill / Kings of Leon


I know that there are more distinctive voices than some of the 5 I have mentioned, but I also regularly listen to these 5 which makes it easy for me to create this list in the first place. I couldn’t confuse these voices with anyone else’s.

Until next time


Girls go shopping too much

Recently I’ve been saving every dollar I have to spare to go towards a new car, I’ve had enough of the car I have. This is actually a revolution for me because shopping is like my best-friend (after my dog). Usually I go through collection stages (not like figurines or that), I mean, like between 2010 – 2012 I brought books, weekly, and usually more than one. I still do that to this day, just not every week. I’ll maybe buy a book once every now and again. So back in 2012 I could have given you a play by play of the most popular books and ones new on the shelf. I couldn’t tell you anything about that now.

Soon after that I turned into a real girl and it was clothes; which out of all of them have been my least favourite shopping experience. My drawers and wardrobe actually can’t hold anything more, and I recently did my spring cleaning. The worst thing about this, I wear shorts or jeans and usually basic as shirts, I’ve got all these dresses, playsuits and cute stuff that I just don’t wear, but I haven’t got rid of them because every now and again I will. I don’t even wear a quarter of this stuff when I actually go out. Books were so much more fun. I’m going to go back to that soon, I can feel it.

So when I got bored of buying clothes I tried make-up. That was the shortest faze of shopping I’ve gone through. I don’t understand these youtube ladies who are doing all those tutorials with their huge make-up collections. I find it really boring, and I actually thought I would have enjoyed make-up, but no. I think I did this for like 2 months and then gave a lot of it away.

So my most recent wasn’t even a thing until the other day. I started wearing actual perfume like maybe a year ago? I never really had any interest in perfume, I usually just used scented moisturizer. So I decided to jump the gun and buy perfume, it can be pretty expensive, I already know it’s not going to last. I don’t buy a new one every week because it’s not like books and clothes, and I don’t want to buy $10 perfume and smell terrible 3 hours later. A friend took me to this store that was in the town I lived in for 4 days, it was a Brand sale so I went, not reluctantly I might add. They had all this perfume, and since I’m actually getting into perfume I decided to buy some since it was so discounted. I brought a couple for Christmas presents, and then I brought these 5 ones for me. They smell great, Katy Perry’s Meow smells amazing. I thought her Purr was good, this exceeds expectations. Anyway, I’ve been a fan of Beyonce’s Heat for a while and love the smell of all of them, except for the blue one. I already had two of hers already and they smell great so I got a 100ml of the purple one because my 50ml is almost out.


I can’t believe I’ve left this until last. From early 2014 – mid 2015 I was buying Magic cards. If I wasn’t going into Hobbymaster to buy them, I was ordering them online. This collection was really fun, anyone who has collected cards would agree (I think). I stopped buying Magic cards because we don’t play Magic much anymore, so I started to feel like I was wasting my money plus I had already collected most of my favourite cards.

To end my blog, saving is a really good idea, and if you buy things like books you can still save heaps and go shopping, books are fulfilling as well. Books average $10 – $20NZD here which is a small price to pay compared to other things you could buy, like perfume. I’m ending my perfume collection for now because as much as I love it, I have enough for now and I really want to buy a new car by the end of 2016.  

Going from a full-time student trying to get their level 5 Diploma in Tourism management with a part time job – to a full-time job with no study means maybe now I have the time to use up perfume and clothes, but I can honestly see them rotting in the wardrobe while I’m lying on the coach reading Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters.

Until Next time 🙂

Top 5 Hero’s

I hope you enjoy my hero’s list, I do have other favourite hero’s, but I wanted to write about hero’s who had a little more screen time and personality development than the ones who are in just one single movie. I also wanted to choose hero’s that really stood out to me, and were a little different to each other. That’s the thing I forget quite often is that a hero isn’t one type of person, there are so many different types of hero’s.

Clarke Griffin – The 100
‘I bare it so they don’t have to’

PromoClarke_2x15.jpgClarke Griffin is my favourite heroine. Clarke isn’t your average heroine, she’s very different in my opinion. When it is necessary Clarke can be ruthless, she can make hard decision’s within the smallest time frame. If you’ve seen the 100 you’ve seen that she has had to make decisions that go against her morals to protect those closest to her. I think a hero makes hard choices, they make the choices no one else can. As for the quote at the top, it’s a line Clarke says after she crosses a line she can never return from, that is a hero, they’re often the ones that struggle to sleep at night because the choices they make haunt them. Villains don’t have empathy, they don’t have guilt when it regards their choices, they sleep soundly, and heroes never do.


Link – The legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time









Link is my favourite video game hero. I know it’s a little odd to include a video character here but I think Link is awesome. I’m not familiar with other Zelda games, I’ve only played the Ocarina of time. Link’s mission is to save Hyrule from the evil Ganondorf, while helping people out during his quest.

Aragorn – The Lord of the Rings
‘You will suffer me’


Aragorn is great, a lot of people (especially my mother) just think of Lord of the rings as a movie about two hobbits that need to destroy a ring, and in fact it goes much further than that. For anyone who has seen and loved the lord of the rings, you’d know there’s an even bigger story entwined. I personally think the best part of those movies is, Aragorn, the rightful king of Gondor. He’s definitely a hero, with his best quality being decency, kindness, protecting those around him and much more. The best part of the movie is watching Aragorn get closer and closer to the throne while being mindful of the greed that many kings possess including his family line, Aragorn is the one person you can absolutely trust with power, but he doesn’t want it because he’s intelligent enough to know that power is addictive and will destroy you and everything you care about. I think Aragorn always under-estimated himself, especially at the start, but Aragorn is the one person who can actually be trusted to be a good leader and a good king.

Merlin – TV Series 2008


I may have already mentioned my love for Merlin. I love Merlin from both the 2008 TV series and the 1998 movie. The one I like the most is from the 2008 series. When I first saw Merlin, I thought he was really dorky looking, but as the series progressed I realised I actually really like the way he looked for who he was. In the series he’s an amazing hero, he’s a lot like Clarke Griffin with some of the difficult choices that end up in front of him, but unlike Clarke, he doesn’t always make those hard choices and suffers the consequences. I actually think because of the choices he refuses to make, the situations he ends up in and has to deal with are much more intense and difficult. He goes up against one of the most evil forces I’ve ever seen on screen. His destiny becomes helping King Arthur survive his enemies with help from the great Dragon, the Druids and other magical creatures, help king Arthur come into the throne and bring forth a more peaceful land out of the ruins left to him by his father Uther Pendragon. Right from the start to the end Merlin is an amazing hero, extremely brave and extremely under-estimated.


Professor X/Charles Xavier – X-MEN


I love Charles Xavier, he’s a good character. He’s been through a lot, and still he puts children/adults with mutant powers before himself. He’s the professor and owner of the school of gifted youngsters, he frequently searches for more mutant kids, as well as helping them learn to control and use their gifts, learn about their past and learn to accept themselves. I really like Xavier from the X-men movies, but I also like him from the cartoon X-men evolution. X-men was actually a favourite cartoon of mine when I was a child, needless to say so were the movies. Charles wasn’t always a top hero of mine until quite recently with the new movies ‘last stand’ and ‘days of future past’. I unfortunately don’t know what more to write about him, he is a favourite of mine, but he’s not my number one or even my number two.

I hope you enjoyed my hero’s list, I do have other favourite hero’s, but I wanted to write about hero’s who had a little more screen time and personality development than the ones who are in just one single movie. I also wanted to choose hero’s that really stood out to me, and were a little different to each other. That’s the thing I forget quite often is that a hero isn’t one type of person, it’s so many different types.




Top 5 Villains

These are the villains that I love the most. They may not be your favorite and they certainly may not be the most evil or the most popular, but they’re my favorite. These are villains from movies and TV series, so there may be spoilers so consider yourself warned.



Morgana Pendragon – (Merlin 2008)Morgana_Pendragon

Different versions of this story portray a very different personality of Morgana Pendragon. In the movie Merlin (1998) Morgana is very different to the character I’m talking about. The character that I am talking about is from the 2008 series Merlin, played by Katie Mcgrath.

I did say there might be potential spoilers, but read on at your own risk. Morgana is the ward (and daughter) of Uther Pendragon (the king of Camelot, who has outlawed sorcery with a penalty of death). Initially Morgana is a very empathic and kind woman who hates the punishments bestowed on loyal subjects because they either participated in some form of sorcery or were accused as such. In Merlin, being accused of magic could automatically lead to a death sentence regardless of the lack of proof. Morgana was still a good person at this point, but she ended up down a path that turns her into a person full of hate and rage, Morgana has always had magic, but it was covered with potions (she had foresight in her dreams). Morgana ends up leaving and learning more sorcery and becoming a high priestess, who is seeking revenge on Camelot and the now King Arthur.

What made Morgana initially start down this evil path is because when she realised she had magic, her life became fear, and fear can turn into hate so easily, because that’s what happened to Uther. The reason I chose Morgana Pendragon from this series as one of my top 5 villains is because the further into the series you go, the worse she gets. She is one of the most evil forces I’ve ever seen on screen. She doesn’t have a shred of empathy or kindness or even a shadow of who she was before. When you watch the start of the series and the end of the series you don’t even recognise her anymore. I really like the evil Morgana, I like her more than the good version because I thought she played a better villain than the hero. Morgana’s life mission becomes destroying Arthur, and killing everyone who does not embrace the old religion (sorcery).

Dolores Umbridge – (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)

dolores-umbridge-thumbThe evil cat loving psychopath from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I wrote about her in my previous post. She turns up at Hogwarts in Harry Potter’s 5th  year. Initially she seems so sweet, but still a bit off. It wasn’t too long before everyone realised that she was completely nuts, and although she didn’t do a full killing cycle like most other villains, she had something really scary about her, possibly her composure while she dabbled with the idea of using the Cruciatus curse on children, and made them carve lines into their flesh, and created an entire wall of outrageous rules. At the start she just seemed like the teacher we all had at school that was a little stricter than the rest, except this one was a Voldemort supporting, child abusing psycho.


Rumplestiltskin (Once Upon A Time – Tv series)

maxresdefault.jpgRumplestiltskin from Once upon a time. If you haven’t seen it, Once upon a time is full of childhood fairy-tales, the evil queen from Snow White casts a curse to send all the fairy-tale characters to our world calling it “somewhere horrible” (storybrooke) I’d have to agree with that, especially considering where they’re coming from. I almost wanted to write about the evil queen, but I just don’t have enough interest. I love the evil queen, but I love Rumple more.

So Rumplestiltskin is from that childhood story of that guy who can spin gold, but always makes deals (you can keep your firstborn if you guess my name, but you only get three guesses) I think I got that right. He’s just like that in the series. He looks different in the flashbacks to the enchanted forest and the here and now in Storybrooke. In the enchanted forest, his skins all bumpy and a sort of green colour.
Rumpelstiltskin_2136Rumplestiltskin makes deals with people in need, he gives them something and they give him something (comes at a price, deary), he’s pretty creepy too. Most of the time, when he makes a deal, you’re getting the worst end of it. Rumplestiltskin is self-serving and generally lives at the expense of others. He’s addicted and in-love with power.

I personally think Rumplestiltskin would be nothing special if not for the actor who plays him. Rumplestiltskin has no regard for life, only power. He chooses power over everyone and everything, including his son Baelfire.


The Red Queen (Alice in Wonderland)

alice-blog-redqueen.jpg‘Down with the bloody Red Queen’

I’m talking about Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Once Alice falls through the rabbit hole she ends up in Wonderland which happens to be the home of the red queen, the one who likes pig belly’s under her feet, and decides to eat a frogs children (tadpoles) for dinner because he ate her blue berry pie (I think it was a pie). This villain always makes me laugh, like she had an entire court of people wearing fake disguises to make them appear disfigured so they would be accepted by her (she wasn’t aware they were disguises). The Red Queen has an abnormally large head and the way she deals with it is anyone with a normal size head has a ‘pimple of a head’.

The creation of the red queen is marvelous I think just because of the things she does. Like playing golf with a hedgehog as the ball and a flamingo as the golf club, she’s also really gullible for a villain too, like most of them at least have an inkling that something is up but she really just doesn’t, everything is fine and dandy and she’s living the high life and reveling in regular animal cruelty. As much as I liked the red queen, I was happy to see her exiled, and even more happier to see her second hand man beg to be killed rather than stay at her side.


Frieza (Dragon Ball Z)


I don’t know how many people are going to recognize this villain. He is really well-known. When I talk about Frieza I’m talking about the Namek saga to the Frieza saga from Dragon ball Z. I first watched this saga when I was a child, and I thought Frieza was a girl because of his voice, but nope, not a girl. Friezas goal in life is to be the most powerful force in the Universe and immortal. Frieza doesn’t kill individuals, he eradicates races and their home planets. When we first meet Frieza, he’s killed a huge chunk of planet Nameks population in search of their dragon balls (once all 7 are together they can be used to make a wish), then he can wish to be immortal. I was 9 when Frieza was battling the Saiyan Goku, and at school it was all anyone cared about, it was the biggest thing to ever happen. Frieza probably tops this list of villains because I think he’s the worst of them all (if I’ve said this about any other one, I take it back). We were all rooting for this guy to die, he was so malicious. He made Vegeta cry! The tough, no emotions Prince of Saiyan’s that Frieza took from his father when he was a child just before he destroyed them and their planet. Frieza was actually the most terrifying villain in Dragon Ball Z, terrorizing the most peaceful and friendliest race you could think of.


Top 5 books

As much as I love talking about books, I have to be pretty careful writing this list. In case these are books/movies that interest people who might see it, I don’t want to give out any spoilers. These are some of my favorite books from 2015.



The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

This is the second book of  the Maze Runner series, it is a sci-fi survival series.

If you’ve seen the Maze runner and the Scorch trials which I believe came out not too long ago, this is the second book of the series and I personally think this is the best book out of all 3. The Maze Runner is about a group of teenagers who were shut in a maze with no escape, and no idea who they were and how they ended up in the maze. They would send runners out to explore the maze to find an escape, and the maze would shut at night and anyone inside it would be dead and mauled when it opened in the morning, no exit in the maze could be found, and then the rules changed after Thomas arrived.

There’s a lot of creepy factors in this book, in fact the first few chapters were really intense because I didn’t expect the level of creep. I really loved the Maze runner movie, but I just couldn’t get into the Scorch trials movie, I’m not really sure why, to me it was a different pace to the book and I feel like it didn’t possess enough of the creep that the book had, that’s always the sad truth when a book is turned into a movie. It sort of derives from the Hunger Games, like how The Vampire Diaries derived from Twilight, remember, Twilight created that huge vampire romance booming season that I think by the end of it most people were over. There’s much more to be said about the Hunger Games creating a starvation survival game playing world (kind of), because I think there is something more exciting about the idea of morbid sacrifice to survive in a world that wants you dead, I’m sorry, it’s not a sacrifice to live forever, or be unrealistically beautiful. I’m not saying that James Dashner has copied the Hunger Games, I more mean that this type of world is popular at the moment, it’s an amazing series, from the start to the end. If you haven’t read it and you liked the Hunger Games give it a try.

The White Queen by Philippa Gregory
To my best knowledge, Philippa Gregory is a historian, she knows most of the facts regarding the war of the roses (The Yorks vs The Lancasters) and the Tudors (especially henry the 8th). The reason Philippa Gregorys books are classed as fiction is because she writes using facts from history, but adds fiction in between the facts.

So the White Queen is about Elizabeth Woodville who’s become widowed during the war between York and Lancaster, and ends up married to the new King Edward IV in 1464. It’s definitely an intriguing story, Elizabeth battles to increase the status and power of her own family while basically creating enemies of her husband’s family and allies. This is how I perceived the story. The thing I like about this story the most is that through all the wars and enemies, Edward actually treated Elizabeth as an equal and they both loved each other. So often in history around those times, woman (from high status families) married who they were told to and generally lived an unhappy life, quite similar to Margaret Beaufort, but that’s another book in that series. There’s also some witchcraft 😀


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling

order-of-the-phoenix-new-cover-1000Based on the orphan wizard Harry Potter who started learning at Hogwards School of witchcraft and wizardry 4 years ago, whose parents were murdered by lord Voldemort (you-know-who).

This is by far my favourite Harry Potter book from the series, I loved the Deathly Hallows, but this book just beats it. Harry Potters 5th year at Hogwarts. The Ministry of Magic, as Hermione says, decides to ‘Interfere at Hogwarts’. They send the lovely Dolores Umbridge (who, let’s be honest is a right piece of ____, all pink with her 1200 cats on the wall and her child abusing tendencies) to teach written only magic in defense against the dark arts. I love Dolores Umbridge, she is my favorite villain, I think there’s something terrifying about this type of villain. Harry Potter and his friends decide to practice magic as a group in private because practicing magic is no longer needed according to the ministry, they can learn it all from books, no practical needed at all. It gets worse though doesn’t it, because you-know-who has returned and the only people who believe Harry are his small group of friends and the Order of the Phoenix (Dumbledore’s army). Harrys basically fending for himself for a lot of this book against the evil Dolores Umbridge and The dark lord.


Fallen by Lauren Kate
Fallen_coverThis is more of a romantic fantasy novel. It’s the first book of my out-right favourite series. A 17 year old girl Lucinda Price gets sent to the reform school Sword and Cross because of an accident (that may or may not have been her fault) that got another person killed. Sword and Cross is heavily monitored and made up of messed up kids. Where it gets interesting, is that there is one kid there that she meets and feels like she’s met before ‘Daniel Grigori’, Daniel is adamant that they have not met in her life at all. I really can’t write too much about this story because it’s a real slippery-slope for me regarding spoilers since it’s now a movie coming out in 2016, I need to move to the next one.


Best-Loved Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

17352599This is more a compilation in a book, I actually can see the book on my shelf, I recently started reading some of the stories from this book and it has fast become a favourite of mine. These are the raw fairy-tales, you know, where the little mermaid actually loses her tongue, and feels like she’s walking on knives when she has legs. This book and I started off at a really awkward moment, I wasn’t well educated on Hans Christian Andersen and used this book to read a story to my 6 year old niece one night, I started reading the story ‘The Rose Elf’, all was wonderful until I got to the part where a man was getting stabbed to death by his brother in law, I tried to child-proof it because I had already started reading it, but it was impossible. I was unaware that these stories were not that suitable for children until that moment. Lesson learnt.


So it wasn’t a long list, I’m currently really enjoying the best-loved fairy tales. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes.

Until next time


Welcome to my first post.

I’m 25, I use to keep an online journal/blog when I was between 15 and 18. I don’t re-call why I stopped writing so much. 

I couldn’t write everything about myself even if I tried, and to be entirely honest I wouldn’t know where to start so here’s a ‘this is what I like’ post to start this blog.

Lorwyn; my title of this post. Lorwyn is a set from Magic the gathering which is my favorite game. I use to play this a lot with an old friend, initially when I first learnt to play I was about 17 and had no idea what I was doing, I found the game confusing and difficult to learn because we always played with different decks, and trust me, there are some tricky scenarios during a game of magic where both parties cannot actually work out who is right and who is wrong. 
The first set I played with if my memory serves me correctly was Lorwyn, and that is exactly where and when I met this guy:


and this guy ❤

Image (1)

When it comes to building decks, I’ve got one permanent deck that I will never destroy, I do mess around with it occasionally. The deck is a Lorwyn shape-shifter and elf deck, but I just call it my changeling deck, it’s made up of all 5 colours and honestly kicks-ass, and I love editing it. I’ve made sure all the creatures and spells work together (due to playing it and editing it). Unfortunately I don’t have many people to play MTG with anymore, but that doesn’t stop me from building decks and buying cards. Although unfortunately I think the game ended for me 2 years ago, my love for Lorwyn and these two cards never will.

The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time

As far as games go, there’s only one game that I love more than Magic the gathering, and that game is: The ocarina of time.

I played this game on Nintendo 64 when I was 10 (around 10), I got as far as inside Jabu jabu’s belly; see, being 10 I struggled at this point, all those stupid holes you have to fall through and I kept loosing that stupid girl.

This girl down below who seems to think she’s above walking and you have to carry her lazy ass on the top of your head and anything that hits you knocks her off.


Back to my story, I got really frustrated trying to get passed this point, so my older brother did it for me, I was so happy. He then turned it off before saving and told me I’ve seen how it’s done and do it myself, not long after that the Nintendo broke so that was over.
When I was 18 I found a Nintendo 64, I still had the Ocarina of time and I played it from start to finish. I play this game at least once a year, and I still love this game. I just have to say this is my favorite moving image:


This is so hilarious because this is actually how it feels, and although I love when he transforms at the end and think it’s a relatively good battle, I think the phantom Ganon in the forest temple sort of puts up more of a fight. Speaking of, the forest temple and the spirit temple are by far my favorite, and Ganondorf is not my favorite boss (wouldn’t be suprised to find out he’s not everyone’s favorite, because lets be real, Twinrova is the best boss (in my opinion).


One last mention of this game: I really hate the fire temple. Sorry.


I’ll kind of try to get posting more regularly and see if I can get back into this, I thought this was the best first post to make because I wasn’t sure what else to say.

Until later